The Birth of sweet Baby Clara

The few photos that my husband took of the birth of my second child are treasures to me.  Each time I look back at them, I’m brought back to that moment – I remember how my room smelled and how the fabric on my skin felt. I’m brought back to that euphoric feeling when, after months of anticipation, and hours of laboring, I finally got to look at my baby for the first time.  This, my friends, is the reason why I love photography.

This past week I was able to photograph a birth for a a good friend.  And, though I’ve birthed two children of my own, NOTHING could prepare me for the rush of emotions that I felt as I watched my beautiful friend hone in on her inner strength and birth her baby girl.  To say it was amazing would be a gross understatement.  Though I’m not sure I’m able to articulate my sentiments, I can say with certainty that the whole expierience quite literally took my breath away.

Clara-6 Clara-20 Clara-38 Clara-68 Clara-69 Clara-83 Clara-91 Clara-99 Clara-105 Clara-111 Clara-113 Clara-126 Clara-128 Clara-131 Clara-135 Clara-138 Clara-139

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