The Birth of Walden Nathaniel

To say that I am a fan of mama-centric photographer Kristy Powell’s work would be an understatement. I’ve been following her blog for the last year and am nothing short of amazed as each birth she captures and each session she shares is consistently jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Through her lens, she captures the personality of her subjects and the details of a scene in a way that draws you in and makes you feel like you are right there sharing the moment with them.

So when she reached out to me and asked if I was interested in shooting her birth, I’m pretty sure I spit what ever beverage I was drinking across the room.  At that point, having never had shot a birth of my own, I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I can’t say with enough emphasis how grateful I am to her for taking a chance on me.

Surrounded by her sweet daughter Adiah, her calm and loving husband Russ and her amazing birth team, Midwife Pam from Midwifery Care Associates and birth assistant Elizabeth – Kristy labored in her home with gracefulness and beauty and birthed her son Walden Nathaniel peacefully in the water.

Here are some of my favorite photos of the birth.

powellblog-1 powellblog-2 powellblog-3 powellblog-4 powellblog-5 powellblog-6 powellblog-7 powellblog-8 powellblog-10 powellblog-11 powellblog-12 powellblog-13 powellblog-14 powellblog-15 powellblog-16 powellblog-17 powellblog-18
powellblog-20 powellblog-21 powellblog-22 powellblog-23 powellblog-25 powellblog-26 powellblog-27 powellblog-28 powellblog-29 powellblog-30 powellblog-31 powellblog-32 powellblog-33 powellblog-34 powellblog-35 powellblog-36 powellblog-37 powellblog-38 powellblog-39 powellblog-40 powellblog-41 powellblog-42 powellblog-43 powellblog-44 powellblog-45 powellblog-47 powellblog-48 powellblog-50 powellblog-51 powellblog-52 powellblog-53 powellblog-54 powellblog-56powellblog-55 powellblog-57 powellblog-58 powellblog-59 powellblog-60 powellblog-62powellblog-64 powellblog-61

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