A Day in the Life – First Day of School – New Jersey Family Documentary Photographer

Whenever another photographer asks me to photograph their family, I feel honored, excited and ,of course, rediculously nervous!  Last week, half asleep and with some nervous jitters, I had the opportunity to photograph the fabulous Olga Belinskiy from Olga Belinskiy Photography. She, like so many other photographers, is always behind the camera, so for her, it was important that I captured some special moments of her , doing what she does so well, being Mom!  OlgaBlog-(1-of-17) OlgaBlog-(2-of-17) OlgaBlog-(3-of-17) OlgaBlog-(4-of-17) OlgaBlog-(5-of-17)

OlgaBlog-(101-of-2) OlgaBlog-(7-of-17)OlgaBlog-(102-of-2) OlgaBlog-(9-of-17) OlgaBlog-(10-of-17) OlgaBlog-(11-of-17) OlgaBlog-(12-of-17) OlgaBlog-(13-of-17) OlgaBlog-(14-of-17) OlgaBlog-(15-of-17) OlgaBlog-(16-of-17)

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