Reumkens Family Day in the Life Session ~ Bedminister, New Jersey Family Photographer

Three years ago, this beautiful family moved from Holland to the United States and fell in love.  They welcomed a sweet baby last summer, completing their family of six.  In a few weeks they’ll be taking off for a new adventure to India and they wanted to celebrate their time here in the States with a Day in the Life Session.  I am so honored to have had the opportunity to spend the day with them and document the love and laughter that fills their home.  I wish them well on their journey but am hoping that they’ll return sooner rather than later! If not, I may just have to pack my bags and visit them in India!

Welsh Family Morning in the Life Session- Gladstone, NJ family photographer

The way sweet Lilly pretty much put her whole face in the cake,  the look on Lexi’s face when her mom gave the go ahead to lick the rest of the frosting, the glob of chocolate that painted Lilly’s nose and the laughter that ensued…how lucky am I , to have been able to capture it all?
These two sisters, so different from one another, are the best of friends and I’m so happy to have been able to document the love and laughter that fills their home.

The Flynn Family ~ Lifestyle Newborn Session, New Brunswick, New Jersey

This beautiful family welcomed their little boy, Hawkins just a few weeks back!  One of my favorite parts about my job is that I get to document families as they make the transition to parenthood.  There’s a magic there, in those first few weeks, that it so important to capture and look back on.  Here are some highlights from the session!


A Morning in the life

When this family invited me to photograph a typical morning in their home, I was so excited.  This is the kind of photography that I crave!  It is magical to me, that through photography we can capture moments that right now seem so ordinary, but will mean the world when our children are grown.


The Wertheimer Family – Staten Island Family Photography

One of my favorite things about photography is that I get to meet amazing families like this one! Mom had so much fun planning this session, and, as a result of her enthusiasm, these photos came out beautiful!